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Edward (Ned) Cullen

My name is Edward Cullen and welcome to my little place on the web. For clarification this site has nothing to do with Stephanie Meyers, the Twilight series, the Twilight movie or vampires.


My passion is database marketing and discovering new insights into customer behavior that drives incremental revenue, units and margin. This has been the focus of my career for over 20 years and still continues to drive my focus and passion. Some days are all about data management and data quality whether I am building or enhancing a database. Others are about mining that data for new insights to drive increased business results. I have also had the luxury of owning email marketing along with CRM/DB marketing. This was highly satisfactory as I was able to put into actual customer comminication what the data was indicating and allowed for increased email performance from a basic metric (open/click rates) to actual lift in sales.

Previously I was using marketing mix modeling techniques to help companies measure and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing spend. By measuring the effectiveness of different marketing vehicles by product, country, region and business unit marketing leaders can now put spend in the most effective vehicles (DM, Events, etc). Additionally I have developed an optimization tool that can help determine where those dollar shifts should occur and predict the incremental revenue that can be achieved through this optimization.

I spend most of my time during the day as a Database Marketing/CRM professional and have spent the last 3 years focused on developing a methodology for calculating Marketing ROI using a mathematical approach. This is beneficial for companies that do not have direct contact with a majority of their customer base. Methodology also includes a tool to help maximize return by optimizing your marketing spend by category (events, DM, Demand Gen, etc).

Previous positions include rebuilding the Dell consumer catalog targeting model which lead to a 20% increase in response for the prospect catalog, 36% increase in response for the customer catalog and a 75% increase in response for individual email and direct mail tactics. While at Travelocity higher response rates and conversion were also seen and my team at IBM was included in the Peppers and Rodgers "1to1 Field book".


  • Over 20 years Direct/Datbase Marketing/CRM experience
  • Over 25 years SAS experience
  • Market Mix Modeling
  • Marketing Automation expert
  • Event triggered or state base marketing campaigns
  • eMail campaigns with exceptional response rates
  • Data Mining
  • Customer segmentation for treatment of inbound calls
  • Targeting of prospects for increased response rates
  • Identifying and executing cross-sell campaigns for maximum effectiveness
  • Merging of website data with tradition customer data

Company experience includes: HP, Dell, Prodigy/AT&T, Travelocity, IBM, GodwinGroup, Tucson Electric Power, Houston Lighting & Power
Education: BS Economics from Texas A&M University

My LinkedIn profile is available here.


Two things occupy my free time, auto racing and music. On about 8 weekends a year you can find me racing my vintage Porsche 911 with either CVAR which is a Texas based vintage racing group or Porsche Club Racing. Most racing takes place in College Station, TX at Texas World Speedway with 2-3 races per year in the DFW area and the occasional race outside Texas. For more information on my car and racing activities visit CullenRacing.com.

When I'm not racing I play in a local cover band called Roman Holiday which features rock and top 40 hits from the 80's to current. You can catch us live in Austin, Killeen, Temple, San Antonio and other towns in central Texas.

I also have built and maintain a couple of website one of which is GrailTone.com which is all about getting good guitar tone. This site also hosts the official Randall Amplifiers official forum and the unofficial Mesa Boogie forum. Also have sites dedicated to EVH Gear and Tokai Guitars.

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I'm not a vampire nor do I play one in a book or film.